California SB 323 came into effect January 1, 2020, and made broad changes to California HOA election law. We ensure all of our operations comply with this new law.

The Ibis Group, Inc. offers HOA Boards and Management Companies expert and affordable election services, including creating, distributing, and collecting ballots and other materials.

In addition, we serve as Inspector of Elections for annual meetings, special assessments, governing document revisions, and any other vote requiring double envelope secret ballots and Inspector of Elections services.

We work with all types of Common Interest Developments, including professionally or self-managed communities.

Some of the topics includes:


  • Review HOA governing documents & election rules.
  • Ensure election compliance with governing docs & relevant regulations.
  • Prepare election timeline.
  • Light formatting of mailing list.
  • Notify HOA manager by email when mailings are sent out.
  • Send nominations reminder and ballot reminder email blasts to homeowners.
  • Receive and log ballot envelopes.
  • Mail replacement ballots as needed.
  • Accurately count and tabulate ballots at meeting (via Zoom).
  • Certify results with election certificate